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Mergers and afflictions: can wellness soothe the healthcare beast?” — Journal of Clinical Pathology (2023)

Screening for pancreatic cancer has the potential to save lives, but is it practical?” — Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology (2023)

Subscription science: how crowdfunding has become a conflict of interest” — The BMJ (2023)

Theranos exploited black box medicine” — The BMJ (2022)

The rapid rise in cutaneous melanoma diagnoses” — New England Journal of Medicine (2021)

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Article discussed in Undark Magazine, Medscape, MedPageToday, Dermatology World (AAD), and Mother Jones

Lessons in public (mis)communication about the laboratory from the COVID-19 pandemic” — Journal of Clinical Microbiology (2021)

Accepting randomness in medical school admissions: the case for a lottery” — Medical Teacher (2020) [pdf]

“Medicine’s dangerous optimism: lessons from Dr Pangloss” — Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2020) [pdf]

“Protecting the pathology commons in the digital era” — Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2020)

“Strengthening the medical error meme pool” — Journal of General Internal Medicine (2019) [pdf]

Article discussed in USA Today

“Death’s other kingdom: Reflections on uncertainty in pathology” — Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine (2019)

“False-positive pathology: improving reproducibility with the next generation of pathologists” — Laboratory Investigation (2019) [pdf]

“Do physicians dream of electric sheep: Examining the conflict between compassion and technology” — Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (2018) [pdf]

“Social Media in Pathology: Continuing a tradition of dialogue and education” — Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2018)

“Microscopic screening of reduction mammoplasties risks overdiagnosis” — Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2018)

“From theoretical physics to atomic bombs: learning to value medical epistemology” — Academic Medicine (2018)

“Brutalist Medicine: A reflection on the architecture of healthcare” — BMJ (2017) [pdf]

“Pathology’s other sense” — Journal of General Internal Medicine (2017) [pdf]

“In search of compassion: a new taxonomy of compassionate physician behaviours” — Health Expectations (2015)

Article discussed in The Democrat and Chronicle

“Speaking-for and speaking-as: Pseudo-surrogacy in physician-patient-companion medical encounters about advanced cancer” — Patient Education and Counseling (2014)

“A question prompt list for patients with advanced cancer in the final year of life: Development and cross-cultural evaluation” — Palliative Medicine (2013)

“Patient perspectives regarding communication about prognosis and end-of-life issues: how can it be optimised?” — Patient Education and Counseling (2013)

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